RISO Duplicators

RISO duplicators, also known as Risographs, are designed for printing extremely large volumes, at a low cost per copy. A RISO duplicator gives you the flexibility to print on a broad range of media including: standard papers, labels, forms, business cards and even paper bags.

The Risograph printing process involves real ink just like an offset or litho printer and so requires no heat to fix the image onto the paper like your typical office copier or laser printer does. This gives customers the advantage of being able to put sheets, which have been through a RISO duplicator back through a laser printer, as you would do with offset business letterheads and overprint them.

The Best of Both Worlds
The Risograph is a mix between your standard office copier and a small offset press, giving you the best of both worlds, a combination of functionality but more importantly you can do large print runs at minimum cost to your organisation. As well as RISO duplicators, Midshire also provides a full range of RISO UK consumables, including all inks, spares and accessories.

Our Best Selling RISO Duplicators

The RISO MZ1070 is an extremely popular model of digital duplicator available…

The RISO EZ571 digital duplicator from RISO UK offers a unique approach…

The RISO EZ301 digital duplicator is perfect for businesses and organisations that…

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A RISO Duplicator on a managed print service?

Benefits of a RISO duplicator:
  • Environmental – RISO UK duplicators are highly environmentally efficient. As the printing process does not involve heat the machines use much less energy than many counterparts.
  • Print quality – RISO Duplicators provide good quality print outs for machines that cater to larger volumes at such fast printing speeds. 300 dpi printing and scanning as standard.
  • New technology – Risograph’s are available with a wealth of accessories that can be used to enhance the functionality of the machine
  • Cost saving – The high volume capacity of the RISO UK products can be incredibly cost effective for those consistently printing high volumes
  • Efficiency saving – Again for high-volume print work the time saving of a RISO copier is unbeatable.