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Midshire is proud to be Europe’s and the world’s largest supplier of RISO printers, with our team supplying, installing and maintaining the entire RISO printer range and genuine consumables range.

The RISO printer range are the fastest available, allowing you to meet your print-run timescales better than anything else in the marketplace at present. Combine this with the extensive portfolio of RISO printers we have available and you can be sure we can keep you at the forefront of affordable printing. RISO are renowned for their efficient, low-cost, high-volume print solutions, allowing you to make impressive savings.

There is a large range of RISO printers to suit all manner of business type. The RISO ComColor is the closest device to a traditional photocopier, in contrast the RISO Duplicator (also known as a Risograph) is a more refined printer, offering high-speed one and two colour printing, similar to the results of lithographic or offset printing.

RISO ComColor

The RISO ComColor range of printers is built on inkjet technology. RISO ComColor Printer RISO PrintersAt 150 pages per minute, it is the world’s fastest printer of its kind, printing 1,000 A4 sheets in approximately 6 minutes and 30 seconds. To put this into comparison, a conventional office printer would take around 25 minutes to print 1,000 sheets!

The ComColor range is incredibly energy efficient, as unlike photocopiers, they do not use heat during the printing process. Instead, the ink is sprayed onto the page using a large number of nozzles. This not only reduces the energy used in the process but reduces maintenance issues caused by parts wearing, as no heat is used.

RISO recently introduced their new range of ComColor devices – the RISO printer FW range, which is a more compact and advanced version of the ComColor X1 series.

RISO Duplicators

Duplicators were specifically designed to bridge the gap between copiers and lithographic printers, allowing a cost-effective way of printing jobs that are too large to be cost-effective on a copier, but not large enough to send to a lithographic printer.RISO Duplicator

The traditional name for the RISO Duplicator is a Risograph, however, this term has been replaced with duplicator in recent years. A RISO Duplicator gives you the flexibility to print on a broad range of media including: standard papers, labels, forms, business cards and even paper bags.

The duplicator printing process involves real ink just like an offset or lithographic printing, and so requires no heat to ‘fix’ the image onto the paper like your typical office copier or digital / laser printer does. This gives customers the advantage of being able to put sheets, which have been through a RISO Duplicator back through a laser printer, as you would do with offset business letterheads and overprint them.

RISO Inks and Consumables

Midshire is the largest supplier of RISO equipment in Europe and the world, making us the obvious choice for all of your genuine RISO inks and consumables. Whether you are looking for RISO inks, drums, RISO masters or any additional accessories, you can rest assured that we have everything you need. As the number one RISO dealer, we also give you the best price guarantee for all of your RISO printers and finishing equipment, thus you can be can be confident of unbeatable quality at the lowest costs.

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