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Photocopier Engineer

Photocopier Engineer

All photocopier service requests are logged electronically. Support calls are then assigned to the correct department for action. A photocopier engineer is assigned to attend hardware calls based on product knowledge, experience, parts availability and location.

Midshire has a targeted 4-hour response time. We have over 47 photocopier engineers across the Midshire group who are fully manufacturer trained. These engineers have attended and continually attend manufacturer-led training courses to improve their knowledge and experience of the machines they service, including: Ricoh, Sharp, Lexmark, Toshiba, RISO and HP.

In addition, engineers from the relevant manufacturers can accompany our engineers on customer calls, in extreme or rare cases, to maintain high support and knowledge levels.

Call Outs

When a photocopier engineer is on site to fix a fault, Photocopier Engineerthey will always carry out our ‘Minimum Call Procedure’.

Whatever the fault logged on the machine, the minimum call procedure is always carried out. This is a standard list of maintenance procedures providing general upkeep and key preventative maintenance. This type of preventative maintenance enhances the uptime of the machine and prevents return visits. Our engineers aim to leave the machine in a fully working condition. If any other problems are highlighted during the Minimum Call Procedure, then these will be resolved. This system is unique to Midshire and is proven to increase the number of days between call outs.

We firmly believe that by looking after our machines, and carrying out general and preventative maintenance, the customer benefits from increased uptime, and a reduced number of emergency call outs during the lifetime of the contract.

Join our Nationwide team of Photocopier Engineers

Midshire is always looking for experienced engineers to join its growing team of photocopier engineers. We have offices throughout the UK and we require field engineers to cover the majority of the country. New photocopier engineers need to have manufacturer training on Sharp and /or Ricoh devices as minimum to work for Midshire.