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Toner Recycling – are you printing responsibly?

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Toner RecyclingDid you know that over 50 million inkjet and toner cartridges end up in landfill every year in the UK?

Almost every home and office uses a printer or photocopier that requires ink or toner supplies to print. Sadly, the majority of these cartridges are not disposed of responsibly and end up in landfills, where it will take centuries for some parts to fully decompose.

Approximately 1 litre of oil is used to manufacture every new cartridge, this clearly puts a strain on our natural resources.

The majority of original cartridges are up to 97% recyclable and can be refilled with toner and therefore completely re-manufactured for sale.

Companies who actively recycle their cartridges are working towards reducing their environmental impact, whilst also complying with industry, government and environmental standards.

Stockport’s leading managed print service provider Midshire has launched a completely free of charge scheme to all of its customers. A simple, hassle free service allows customers to request a recycling box and once full, collection is arranged by courier.

Toner RecyclingThe aim of the scheme is to make toner recycling easier than disposing. All types and brand of cartridges are accepted, even ones not supplied by Midshire, something rarely offered by other providers.

Midshire customers have already recycled close to 5,000 cartridges this year. Each one is a positive step to making a difference to the environment.

Julian Stafford, Midshire Managing Director comments, “I’m delighted to see a huge uptake in this new toner recycling service. It shows that companies are keen to make an effort to do the right thing for the good of the planet. No one wants to see items that can be easily recycled being sent to landfill.”

Enquire with your managed print service provider about the steps they are taking to increase toner recycling or for more information about our scheme, contact Midshire on: 0161 494 3376 or email: