When choosing a hotel telephone system, there are many factors that decide which system suits you best. An effective hotel phone system allows you to offer your guests’ added value while maintaining a high level of customer service. As well as improving customer service, a good hotel telephone system will improve productivity and efficiency amongst staff. Giving you the opportunity to concentrate on the most important aspect of your business, your guests.

The role of a hotel telephone system has changed dramatically over the last decade, as guests now prefer to use their own mobile devices rather than the hotels facilities. However, don’t be fooled into believing that a good quality telephone system is no longer required.

In the hospitality sector customer service is of paramount importance. Every impression that a customer gets has to be good, whereas with every delay or dissatisfied guest, you are at the mercy of a negative TripAdvisor review. With every guest interaction, it is an opportunity to build positive reviews and returning business.

Our Hotel Telephone System Features

– Personalised Service – Assign a name to the handset for the customer, so when they call reception, you know the guests first name – giving your service that personal touch.

– Guest voicemail box – this allows for personal messages and hotel announcements. A lamp on the phone indicates a message is waiting, and the guest then can retrieve it.

– Wake up calls – this lets guests set their own, just like an alarm clock.

– Conference Calling – this provides a valuable conferencing call facility for your business guests.

– Room to room dialling – This helps guests to stay in touch with others in their party.

– DDI (Direct Dial) – Rooms can be called directly from an external location

– Room extensions – the extension numbering can match the room numbers

– Faster service – your staff can have wireless DECT handsets allowing them to be mobile and accessible around the building.

As with all businesses, not just hospitality, one of the main deciding factors in selecting a new telephone system is the price. One key requirement when looking at a new system, is one that can keep they’re costs to a minimum and make the most out of staff resources.

At Midshire, we offer a great range of affordable telephone systems that are high quality and packed full of features for the hospitality industry. Our key partnerships with leading telephony suppliers such as Gamma, TalkTalk, BT and Samsung mean that we can offer your hotel some of the best telephone system packages available on the market.