• Product Overview

Product Overview:

OfficeServ 7200

As well as the OfficeServ 7030 and 7100 platform, The OfficeServ 7200 has been designed for small, single site businesses to multi office organisations, with a capacity of up to 128 users or extension numbers. Supporting both HD Voice and Data, the OfficeServ 7200 is a powerful office solution in a box.

As a simple, all in one telephony solution, the OfficeServ7200 offers businesses the opportunity of a centralised management system, aiding your business to concentrate time and money on the most important of things, your customers.

Work and Collaborate on the move

The OfficeServ 7200 can support your team on the move, making it easy for workers to stay connected, anytime and anywhere. Work from home, on the move or remotely.

Calls can be made from any desktop or mobile device, ensuring you can stay on top of your business at all times.

 Key Benefits

– Plug and Play Platform
– Voicemail and Auto attendant
– Caller ID, Number and Name
– Automatic Call Routing
– Call Divert
– Work on the Move, connect at home or remote office