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Hosted Telephone Systems

Hosted Telephone Systems

Traditionally, adopting an office telephone system with these features can be very costly, however, with Midshire Hosted Telephone Systems, your business can have all of these attributes as well as its added functionality at a competitive cost.

Midshire Hosted PBX allows businesses of all sizes to have a feature rich telephone system without the large capital outlay involved with a physical telephone base unit. With a Midshire hosted phone system, the telephone system is hosted in the ‘Cloud’. Furthermore, the telephone system is operated and maintained by ourselves, giving your business the opportunity to spend more time on what matters most, your customers.

With Midshire Hosted PBX, it gives your staff the opportunity to work from home, a hotel or on their mobile phone, while still being connected to your office telephone system. In turn, this means that incoming calls to your business can be transferred through via an extension number as if the staff member was present in the office. Likewise, if your office is based in the UK, you can be working anywhere in the world, making calls and presenting the main UK telephone number to the recipient of the call. This has major cost advantages as international calls can be made, at the same price as a local call.

The Benefits of a Midshire Hosted PBX

– Business Continuity – Midshire Hosted PBX is hosted in the cloud, it is not affected by interruption or downtime.
– Scalability
– Voice quality
– Reduced International call costs
– Call Diversions
– Additional features –  Voicemail, Call diverting, Call management, Music on Hold and Instant Messaging.
– Call Recording
– Low hardware and maintenance costs
– Easy User Interface