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If you haven’t had a professional audit of your telecom services in the last 18 months, you could be paying too much – and you won’t be taking advantage of the latest technologies like hosted VoIP.

We are able to SAVE our customers up to 50% when switching to Midshire.

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We’ll look at your voice, data and wireless services. We listen to your requirements, explain how the new technologies can benefit your organisation and provide one proposal that is ideal for your needs. Our aim is to reduce your telecom costs, improve your communications and provide overall telecom project management. We have helped companies of all sizes save money on their telecoms, including:

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Midshire can help answer all of your telecoms related enquiries, such as these common questions:

How much can I save on my phone bills?

Midshire can offer savings of up to 50% when switching to our services. Cost savings aren’t the only benefit of switching to Midshire; our in-house support, technical and sales teams are fully qualified to assist you with any enquiries or problems you might have.

At Midshire, we’re big enough to count, but small enough to care.

– Is Hosted VoIP the way to go?

At Midshire, we have a wealth of experience when helping businesses of all sizes choose the right business telephone systems. We can cater for organisations from large multinational corporations to new startup businesses. Getting the right solution for your business is essential and our experts can offer bespoke solutions to fit your business.

VoIP is future-proof and cost-saving solution for many businesses across the UK, talk to one of our experts today about the benefits of VoIP and whether it is the right solution for your business.

– How can I get the latest call features?

Midshire offer a whole host of the latest call features, available with a range of telephone systems and handsets. Just ask to speak to one of our experts who can guide you through the right telephone system for your business.