Superfast South Yorkshire Voucher Scheme

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Is your business being affected by sub standard broadband connectivity? A Government report has recently suggested that over a quarter of UK small to medium sized businesses are being held back by an unreliable, slow internet connection.

Many SMEs can hugely benefit from introducing Superfast broadband connectivity for their business. However, most businesses are put off by the high capital outlay when making the investment, leading to many businesses missing out on the potential benefits of introducing new technology to their operations.SCR_map

At Midshire, we’re proud to be included as a supplier for the Superfast South Yorkshire Voucher Scheme, a new voucher scheme built to hugely cut down the cost of investing in broadband infrastructure in the Sheffield city region.

If your business is in the Sheffield City Region, Midshire can now provide you with up to £2500 towards the cost of your broadband connectivity!

A joint project from Superfast South Yorkshire and the EU European Regional Development Fund, Superfast South Yorkshire Vouchers subsidise upto £2500 towards your business broadband.

At Midshire, we’re helping to spread the word about Superfast South Yorkshire Vouchers. With a wealth of experience providing UK businesses with business grade Internet connectivity and business Telephone Systems for over 20 years, we’re excited about the possibilities that Superfast South Yorkshire Vouchers are bringing businesses across the Sheffield City area!