Photocopier Relocation

Photocopier Relocation
Midshire offers a photocopier relocation service for companies who are moving premises or may want to re-locate one or more of their photocopier machines within the same building but to another department.

Will you move all photocopying equipment?
Midshire will happily arrange a customer machine move for all of the photocopying and printing equipment we have supplied. Customers who wish to move their own machines must notify Midshire so we can update our account records and inform our service team. Customers who arrange their own machine moves do so at their own risk and the customer will be liable for any damage caused during the move.

How much notice do you need?
Please be aware that we need at least 7 working days notice to guarantee your desired move date. A machine move is charged at the rates shown below.

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  • A machine move is charged at £65.00 plus VAT (which includes the first 15 minutes labour).
  • Additional labour is charged at £35.50 plus VAT, per 15 minutes.
  • Any subsequent re-networking of the machine will also be charged in addition to this at £35.50 plus VAT, per 15 minutes.