Free Print Audit

What is a Print Audit?
As part of our managed print service we offer a free print auditing service to review in depth your office document printing, including factors such as: monthly document volumes (both colour and mono), energy used in powering equipment, paper costs and a detailed look at all expenditure linked to the area of office printing and photocopying.

How does a Print Audit Work?
Depending on the complexity of the organisation we can conduct a print audit in a number of ways. The most in-depth audit will involve a site visit, where information from each photocopier and printer device is recorded on a floorplan of your building.

Book a Free Print Audit
As one of the country’s most experienced print management companies, Midshire offers companies across the UK the opportunity to book a free print audit to review their current managed print service and office document output.

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Benefits of conducting a Print Audit?
  • Accurate Cost Comparison – a print audit really is the most accurate way of addressing capital expenditure in the area of office printing.
  • Better Equipment for Lower Costs – we can demonstrate that by replacing tired old photocopiers with a brand new machine, you can make savings, both on the running cost of the machine but also in electricity consumption.
  • Electricity Consumption – with our print audit software we can accurately provide electricity consumption comparisons for old equipment you might be using and show how a new device will be more efficient, greener and save you money. This is an area often overlooked by many organisations.
  • All-in-one Printers and Photocopiers – in assessing your business we can identify the opportunity to remove numerous desktop printers, scanners and fax machines and replace them with just one all-in-one multifunctional printer that will result in excellent savings for you and give your staff the latest in office print technology.
  • Document Security – during the print audit we can also review your document security and look at password protection, encryption and swipe card authentication to protect your businesses documentation.