Document Security Solutions

30% of 
business documents are paper-based*. 
Neglect paper and you will only ever be 70% compliant. Over 50% of organisations do not have a policy in place to control the printing of confidential documents**.

With potential fines from the UK ICO of up to £500,000
 this is one-liability UK companies could do without. Yet most MFP users do not know 
that MFPs store images on their hard drives. A survey in 2008 found that 60% of customers are unaware of this feature on their office digital copier.

Paper documents can be difficult to protect but Midshire has knowledge and expertise in this area and has a number of solutions to help businesses protect their documents:

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Document Security Issues
  • Printing / multi-functional devices shared across the network
  • Documents, which may be confidential, lying uncollected in the outtray
  • Unauthorised printing of confidential documents
  • Uncontrolled colour printing
  • Cost control, waste reduction, environmental benefits
Document Security Solutions
  • Secure document release – Holds documents until the user authenticates themselves at the device, via: PIN Code, Swipe card, Proximity card, and Fingerprint scanner
  • Follow-me printing – The user sends the print job to the FollowYou queue. The job is held at the server. The user then authenticates at any compatible device. The job is released and unclaimed jobs are deleted after a set time
  • HDD Data Security:- Including:
    - Proprietary Format Data- protects latent data
    -Data Overwrite Security Unit – ensures data is destroyed after finishing each job. At end of life this solution overwrites the entire hard drive 9 times.
    -Encryption - Locks data to device (cannot be read by another device) - International Standard AES 256 CBC