Callisto Managed Print Service Software

Proactive Machine Monitoring
Callisto is proactive managed print service software, which gives Midshire the power to provide accurate management information on over 11,000 customers’ photocopier machines across the UK. 

Using Callisto, your toner usage is measured and toner automatically re-ordered when levels reach 25%, ensuring you always have toner ready when you need it.

Callisto managed print service software also sends Midshire your meter readings to ensure both accurate and effortless billing

This enhances our ability to provide a proactive managed print service for customers and has many client benefits.

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1. Automated Meter-Reading Benefits
  • Accurate, not estimated billing
  • Greater control of your printing costs
  • Confidence in billing process
  • Completely automated service
2. Pro-Active Toner Ordering
  • Toners ordered by the device and delivered next day
  • Standard re-ordering when 25% of toner remains
  • No need to stock hold toners on site
  • Increased confidence in toner supply