Cloud Backup

Backup what you want, when you want!

Backup scheduling is a flexible and manageable way of ensuring that all of your files, folders, servers and workstations are backed up, for each individual, team and department within your organisation.

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  • End Point Protection – Midshire Backup allows your data to be protected on both networks and devices. This allows you to backup all data, from any device at any time.
  • Data Loss Prevention – The solution protects and monitors confidential data across all of your devices. Manage your data protection policies and activities via your online portal.
  • Audit and Monitoring – Our effective monitoring and help desk support system provides you with state of the art reporting to show your activity history on each device.
  • Scalability – Don’t settle for less; enterprise-grade scalability starts with thousands of end ports and doesn’t sacrifice performance. Scalable endpoint means a more cost and resource effective solution.