RISO Printers

Home to the world’s fastest printer, RISO UK is a leading manufacturer of RISO printers and RISO duplicators. The RISO products differ to most other multi-functional brands. Not only do they use ink rather than toner, the actual printing process is completely different. Midshire is proud to be recognised as the largest reseller of RISO equipment in Europe and have a dedicated team looking after the sale, service and support of RISO products.

RISO printers are a favourite with schools, churches and political parties due to their high volume output. As well as speed and volume, RISO machines can also create stapled booklets with the multi-functional finisher, or finished books (glue bound) with the perfect binder.

Our Best Selling RISO Printers

Midshire is the largest supplier of RISO printers in Europe, making us…

The RISO ComColor 7150 colour printer is recognised as one of the…

Officially the world’s fastest printer at 150 pages per minute, the RISO…

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a RISO Printer on a managed print service?

At Midshire we have RISO engineers trained to deal with RISO repairs and the maintenance of all machines. We also have a wide range of second hand RISO copiers available for a restricted budget.

As well as RISO printers and duplicators, Midshire also provides a full range of RISO consumables, including all RISO inks, RISO accessories and supplies.

Benefits of a RISO printer:
  • Environmental – RISO UK printers are highly environmentally efficient. As the printing process does not involve heat the machines use much less energy than many counterparts.
  • Print quality – RISO copiers have good quality print outs for machines that generally cater to larger volumes
  • New technology – RISO printers have a number of different accessories that can be used to enhance the functionality of the machine
  • Cost saving – the high volume capacity of the RISO copiers can be incredibly cost saving for those consistently printing high volumes
  • Efficiency saving – again for high volume print work the time saving of a RISO copier is unbeatable. The RISO 9150 can produce up to 150 pages per minute.