Refurbished RISO Printers

The main benefit of purchasing a refurbished RISO printer is the price. You can save vast amounts of money by purchasing a used printer rather than a new printer.

As an independent supplier, Midshire has an extensive selection of reconditioned printers available, with the most popular being the RISO range.

At Midshire we have RISO trained engineers to ensure that all refurbished RISO printers are serviced to the highest possible standard and all worn parts are replaced before they are ready to be resold.

Our Best Selling Refurbished RISO Printers

Midshire’s range of refurbished RISO printers includes the RISO ComColor 7050. This…

The RISO ComColor 9050 is part of Midshire’s range of refurbished printers.…

Midshire is the largest supplier of RISO printers in Europe, making us…

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a Refurbished RISO Printer on a managed print service?

We have a wide range of refurbished RISO printers available including, the ComColor 7050 and ComColor 9050, which all come with our 5-year satisfaction guarantee.

Reconditioned printers from Midshire are available on a Midshire Managed Print Service. The printer is then serviced and maintained by our engineers.

Benefits of using a refurbished RISO printer:
  • Environmental - purchasing a used printer reduces environmental impact as it saves it from being sent to landfill, whilst saving the energy required to build a new printer.
  • Print Quality - Midshire ensures that the print quality of all our reconditioned printers is as good as a new printer before it is sold.
  • New technology - the majority of up-to-date print software can be added onto used printers.
  • Cost saving - This is a more cost-effective way of purchasing a printer. It allows you to purchase or lease the right machine for your business, whilst remaining on budget.
  • Efficiency saving - service contracts are available for used printers, so that your machine is serviced and maintained by our engineers as standard.