HP PageWide Printers

The HP PageWide printer range is reinventing the way we print. These unique printers provide fast, high quality, low cost and reliable printing. By moving only the paper under a ‘page wide’, stationary printhead, HP PageWide technology overcomes the trade-offs between quality and speed which is seen in traditional ink-jet printers, whilst enabling savings of up to 50% of total printing costs.

HP PageWide printers and MFPs print across an entire page in a single pass, with 42,240 tiny nozzles ejecting ink precisely on the right location on a moving sheet of paper. Because the paper is moving rather than the print head, HP PageWide printers are incredibly reliable.

Our Best Selling HP PageWide Printers

The HP PageWide Enterprise Colour MFP 586dn offers ultimate value, delivering fast…

The HP PageWide Enterprise Colour Flow MFP 586Z is a triple threat,…

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a HP PageWide printer on a managed print service?

Reliability is a major advantage that the HP PageWide printers offer. Research conducted by BLI showed that the HP PageWide printed 200,000 pages without failure, meaning you can be confident that your long print runs will go, without disruption.

Not only are the HP PageWide printers faster, cheaper, better quality and more reliable, HP has also focused on security. HP Security Managed Print Services helps customers secure their print environment with the industry’s strongest protection. The HP PageWide can detect a threat, act against it and protect it from future attacks, meaning you can be sure to be protected from any malicious threats.

Benefits of a HP PageWide printer:
  • Fast Printing – Up to 75 pages per minute - two time faster than laser printers
  • Environmental – 84% less energy consumption per page than lasers and ENERGY STAR certification
  • Cost Savings – Substantial cost savings with the low total cost of ownership
  • New Technology – Page-wide stationary printhead allows both print quality and speed
  • Durable Documents – Produces documents that are water, smear ,fade and highlighter resistant