Refurbished Copiers

Refurbished copiers present a fantastic way for businesses to get the machine they want, at an affordable price.

As an independent supplier, Midshire has an extensive selection of used copiers available, with a wide variety of the best brands to choose from, including, Sharp, Ricoh, Lexmark and Toshiba.

Midshire’s reconditioned copiers are expertly serviced before being made available for re-sale and all worn parts are replaced, ensuring optimal function and capabilities.

Our Best Selling Refurbished Copiers

Midshire has a wide range of refurbished, second-hand photocopiers and multifunctional printers…

Our expert photocopier engineers have the skills to refurbish used photocopiers and…

The Ricoh MP C2500 is a high performance colour copier with all-in-one…

Saving you from having multiple devices, the Ricoh MP C4000 is an…

Are you interested in…

a Refurbished Copier on a managed print service?

Print quality is guaranteed on all of Midshire’s used photocopiers as our engineers refurbish all devices to a very high standard. We are so confident in the quality of our refurbished copiers that they all come with our 5-year satisfaction guarantee, like our new products do.

A Midshire Managed Print Service is also available for our refurbished copiers. Your machine is serviced and maintained by our engineers as normal.

Benefits of a refurbished copier:
  • Environmental – a refurbished photocopier is an excellent option to reduce your environmental impact. By opting for a used photocopier you are preventing its destruction to landfill.
  • Print Quality – as the machine has been refurbished to a very high standard the print quality will not be impeded.
  • New technology – general software and machine software updates can be utilised with a used machine.
  • Cost saving – refurbished photocopiers are generally a more cost effective option. This can allow you to purchase or lease the machine of your choice within your budget.
  • Efficiency saving - service contracts are available for used photocopiers, so that your machine is serviced and maintained by our engineers as standard.