The technology of television is constantly developing. Modern day TVs are super streamlined in comparison with the early models. This new, sleek display design allows the unit to be more mobile, easier to fix on a wall or bracket and also comes with environment advantages. Picture quality has also seen a dramatic advancement since the early days and 3D TV is the forefront of TV technology.

Midshire is both a Sharp Centre of Excellence and Samsung Platinum sales and service partner, and as such is able to provide you with the best products on the market for a highly competitive price. Whether it’s a TV for your reception area, corporate meeting rooms, for a guest bedroom in a hotel or other hospitality scenarios, Midshire is your key partner in assisting your choice and supplying your TVs whatever the screen size, make or model.

Are you interested in…

Television screens, or visual solution displays for your organization?

Why choose a TV?
  • TV is by far the best choice for displaying moving image, video and audio
  • Vast array of TV sizes and colours available to suit any environment
  • Environmentally friendly units available
  • 3D TVs and accessories also available
  • Business Integrated Solutions available for hospitality