Tablet touchscreen technology is the very latest in IT and computing equipment for business and pleasure. Used worldwide and available in hundreds of sizes from touchscreen watches, mini tablets, right up to large interactive panels for teaching and corporate presentations, there is no denying that tablet technology has been a game-changer for education and business over the last 5 years and is becoming increasingly popular for the corporate environment.

Midshire can provide your business or school with the tablet device of your choosing, along with all the accessories you need. From protective cases, chargers and adaptors as well as charging cabinets for schools wanting to securely store away tablets for an entire class, we have all brands, makes and models.

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Tablet technology and the wide range of devices available?

Benefits of a tablet:
  • Tablets are great for displaying information effectively for meetings presentations or team-work whilst on the move
  • Access emails from any location
  • Browse the internet and access the information you need, anywhere
  • Access images, video and audio content easily and at the highest quality
  • Great for business and pleasure