Computer software is used by all businesses across the world, to manage some element of their organisation’s setup and tasks. Whether it’s Sage software for managing the accounts and billing, Microsoft Office for general desktop publishing and administration or email programs and advanced business software for design, CAD or audio / video production, the modern business would not be able to function without out it.

Software licensing is often overlooked by businesses and can become a real problem if audited. It is essential to keep software up-to-date to prevent virus attacks and keeping employees using the latest version means they can work effectively, efficiently and productively.

Midshire works with businesses and schools to ensure their software meets their needs, is up-to-date and is legally compliant.

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Updating your company's software?

Why Computer Software is essential for any business:
  • Runs all major business departments from accounts, sales and marketing
  • Saves time and streamlines processes
  • Software can remove the element of human error as its workings are computer generated
  • Software can add value to any business through removing complicated processes that otherwise would need to be done by person
  • Software gives workers the creative solutions and tools to work
  • Antivirus Software can help protect a users device•