Network & Infrastructure

Midshire offer a range of infrastructure solutions
We work closely to our clients to help design and implement network infrastructure, everything from cabling and wireless networks to routing and VPN connections. We can help install single network points to the full design of an entire building.

We supply a variety of brands including:
HP ProCurve, Cisco, Juniper, Ubiquiti UniFi, Draytek, NetGear, Dell, Sonicwall. Prism Data Cabinets and APC

Part of our service also includes data cabinet installations and patching. If you have an existing data cabinet that’s untidy, we can help clean this up.

Business infrastructure is so crucial, as all of your other office technology has to work with it. Get it wrong and it could cost you thousands in unnecessary IT support.

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Why is network &infrastructure important?
  • Your network and infrastructure support the IT of your entire business
  • All other IT products and solutions will sit and work of your network
  • If your network is failing and has weak spots it can bring down your entire organisation.
  • A business’s network is like the foundations to build on. If the infrastructure is weak it will cause more problems as a business grows
  • Will your current network and storage capabilities grow with your business?