We can supply you with all the peripherals you need: keyboards and mice, barcode readers, scanners, laptop cases, memory and lots more. Get the equipment you need fast, with minimum fuss to your working day. With the growing needs of an ever-changing business landscape it is essential to keep technology up-to-date and integrated.

Midshire has an extensive portfolio of IT equipment and accessories to benefit your business or school. Contact us today for a free quotation and get the accessories you need, fast and with minimum disruption to your day.

You don’t realise the importance of your IT peripherals until you don’t have access to the ones you need. It’s gone missing, or even worse, it no longer works. A computer without a mouse, a tablet without a charger or a desktop without a keyboard leaves the user unable to get on with the job at hand, and work is impossible.

Our Best Selling Accessories

The Lapsafe Classbuddy is a laptop stoarage and charging system for schools,…

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IT Accessories or additional kit for your business or school?

What accessories can we supply?
  • Computer mouse, wireless mouse, trackpads and stylus
  • Chargers for laptops, tablets and mobiles
  • Additional Monitors and displays
  • Barcode Readers, scanners
  • Computer Memory