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IT Support Birmingham

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IT support Birmingham

A report from Birmingham City Council shows that the number of businesses in Birmingham has risen exponentially in the past 7 years, growing from 31,000 in 2012 to 43,500 in 2017. Business development and generation is undoubtedly a positive indication of a flourishing city, but with a higher quantity of active enterprise comes a greater need to stay ahead of the competition. It is difficult for companies of all sizes to gain an edge in such a saturated market, and the slightest drop in performance can negatively impact a business, so investing in a reliable, stable IT support infrastructure is incredibly important.

In a world governed by technology, the significance of IT Support cannot be stressed enough. Solutions Review notes that 545 hours of staff productivity are lost to IT downtime every year! It also reports that the average small company will spend 6.4% of its annual revenue on IT breakdown. Outsourcing IT support to experienced professionals will help minimise the IT downtime and in turn, maximise profits and investments.

At Midshire, we understand that businesses need to be able to work at full capacity to facilitate growth and remain ahead of competitors. We also appreciate that no two businesses are the same and our differences are what make us stand out. This is why we work alongside organisations with customised IT support that fit their specific needs.

These IT services can take many forms, whether that be backup services, hosted desktop services or business continuity (disaster recovery). There’s no need to alter the way you run when you can pick and choose from numerous IT support tools that fit around your business.

Backup services

Midshire offers both on-premise server backup support, including: server hardware provision, and off-premise, cloud-based backup maintenance. A push towards electronic filing means less information is being stored physically in filing cabinets, meaning it’s never been more important to ensure your documents are safely and securely stored, with no risk of losing them. Our business backup storage is an easily manageable and versatile network that all staff can use to store all files, including those on servers and workstations. Entirely accessible, and easy file-retrieval functionality means that usage has never been easier.

Hosted desktop services


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Midshire’s in-house development, Desktop Monster, is a UK-based hosted desktop service. Also known as a virtual desktop, it enables users to connect to their desktop anywhere in the world, on any internet enabled device. Desktop Monster allows users to access business applications and company datawithout hassle, giving you the full functionality of a big business infrastructure, without having to manage, purchase, or maintain equipment. For peace of mind, all data is stored in a UK, ISO 27001 accredited data centre and backed up several times per day.

Business continuity (disaster recovery)

The primary objective of business continuity, or disaster recovery, is to work alongside your company to identify significant products and services that are fundamental to the running of your organisation, and design strategies that ensure they will remain operational, even at times of disaster or disruption.